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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Passive Solar Home Plans - Slash Your Utility Bill and Help Save the Environment

With electricity and utility bills soaring, and global warming on everybody's conscience, we need to find ways to reduce our power consumption. Passive solar home plans will enable you to build and install your own safe, reliable and fully functional homemade solar panel system that will help you reduce your power bill by a substantial amount. Don't believe what the news says about solar being an ineffective and inefficient source of energy - almost all of our energy actually comes from the sun.

That's right, because oil and coal are carbon energy stored in liquid or solid forms this means that the decomposed living matter that these two vital fuels are made up of originally came from the sun. The solar energy trapped inside these fuels is released when they are burned - see; we already use a form of solar power everyday.

However, oil and coal are running out rapidly due to an exponential increase in demand, but a relatively small increase in supply. Within the next 5 years we will have reached a situation where oil production capacity has peaked and started to decline. $140 a barrel oil will seem like a deal, rising oil prices will threaten our Western way of life.

However, there is some good news for you. With passive solar home plans you will be able to install a system powerful enough to provide almost all of the energy needs in your house. Taking simple steps such as using energy efficient light bulbs and turning off electrical devices that are not being used can make up the rest of the power savings. Completely eliminating your utility bill is a distinct possibility. I have done it using a homemade solar panel system, and I don't even live in a particularly sunny area!

With the right set of passive solar home plans, constructing and installing a safe, reliable and efficient system yourself is not only easy, but inexpensive as well. Whilst a system installed by a solar panel technician will set you back from between $3000-$9000, you can perform just as good of a job for around $250. This is not some form of practical joke- this is real science being applied to help your bank account and the environment. Solar home plans are the real deal, and the passive power system means that you can sell excess power back to your utility company to actually earn yourself money. All the components required can be purchased from hardware stores or online, and are not difficult to put together. Solar power really is a viable option for slashing your demand for fossil fuel based energy, helping the environment and making the world a better place to live in.

Click here to learn more about plans for solar energy in your home, including how much you will need to spend, what your power bill reductions will be, as well as what the best passive solar home plans are.

Jeff Palmer is an economist, but has also worked in the alternative energy industry since its early days, installing and helping to develop mainly solar and wind power generation systems.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eco Technology - Eco Friendly Products Using Clean Energy to Power the Green Evolution

Eco technology can realize the goals of the revolution to promote a green earth. The Go Green revolution tried to inspire people to save the earth, the trees, and life-sustaining ecologies. Unfortunately, modern societies are so far removed from the earth, the trees and the environment that now the term "green" conjures only faint images of people who would abandon technology and society to live caveman-like in the wild, or recyclers vainly trying to make people fall in love with old used stuff.

Go Green fails to change lifestyles because our lifestyles are so technologically engrossed that Cell Phones and iPods and HD TVs get more reaction than anything else... except for LOWER COST, CONVENIENCE, SAVE MONEY. Big energy count on these old refrains to keep everyone rooted in modern world realities whenever "Green" threatens their little kingdoms.

The time has come for Go Green to evolve...

Enter Eco technology... the first evolutionary step to ensure that everyone will have "Gone Green" without much effort.

Eco technology (aka eco powered tech) describes the use of high energy efficiency and clean energy to power technology that promotes eco friendly lifestyles. Eco powered tech will give consumers what they want; LOWER COST, CONVENIENCE, SAVE MONEY and deliver what people everywhere need; LESS WASTE, LESS POLLUTION, GREEN ENVIRONMENT.

Here's how eco technology delivers for both sides:

LOWER COST, LESS WASTE - Unlike 5-10, years ago energy efficient devices are more prevalent and the number and availability of eco friendly alternative energy is rising. Increased prevalence will lower initial cost for consumers. Greater energy efficiency means not only less energy use but also less waste of energy than ever before. Energy efficiency carries a further side benefit of increased longevity which translates into less material waste... another boon for the environment.

CONVENIENCE, LESS POLLUTION - energy efficient technologies and cleaner energy are now more convenient to access and use. Energy efficiency is built into many commonly used devices and since it's actually cheaper to make them, the increasing trend for more energy efficient devices will result in even greater convenience for the consumer. Most devices don't produce pollution directly; instead they use conventional energy that was co-generated with millions of tons of pollution yearly. Eco technology that use and waste less energy actually cause less pollution to be created even when they use conventional energy sources.

SAVE MONEY, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - eco powered tech leaps ahead by promoting the use of clean energy, such as solar to satisfy the energy needs of already energy efficient devices, such as LED lights and miniaturized gadgets, ...and the effects are synergistic (solar powered LED lights can last more than 20 times longer than battery powered incandescent lights of the same brightness). Clean energy such as solar and wind can be generated at or near the consumer's location and cost nothing after installation (some minor maintenance cost). Being close to the consumer, their is little energy waste due to transmission lines so consumers save money when they use and waste less clean energy and save the environment by co-generating zero pollution.

These features and benefits can be simplified by the following equations:

consumer equation for eco powered tech;

((more energy efficient devices x lower energy use per device x near zero energy cost for clean energy) + lower cost) x longer times between replacements = huge money savings + huge convenience.

environmental equation for eco powered tech;

(Lower energy use + lower energy waste) x more energy efficient devices x fewer device replacements per time unit x near 0 pollution for clean energy = huge pollution reduction + huge reduction in the rape of natural resources + huge preservation of ecological beauty and wildlife habitat.

Dreaming of the green old days is just not working and we still have dire need for a green earth. Eco movements everywhere must change people's lifestyles by wholeheartedly endorsing affordable eco technology because it will ensure a green future for this planet.

Learn more about using eco technology to begin the green evolution, even if you're not ready to generate your own clean power. These eco powered tech tips will help you to lower cost of energy as you begin your green evolution.

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