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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Response to American Thinker

I read an article by American Thinker entitled "Okay, so boycott Israel". Here it is:

Hey you, members of the Presbyterian and Episcopalian church denominations boycotting or thinking of boycotting Israel! And you university types. And especially all you anti-Israel lefties. All of you who want to boycott Israel.

Well, go ahead and do it. Or try. Of course your standard of living and your health will suffer but that's not important in the great scheme of punishing Israel. Israel and its people have contributed greatly to the world; the boycotter's are just takers. So boycott all you want--you won't be missed.

Ethel C. Fenig 12 13 04

I don't deny that Israel has made "some" contributions to the world, but I don't think we can just hand them the computer and cellular phone trophies in there entirety. I mean come on! That's taking it a little far don't you think?

I'm not Presbyterian or Episcopalian and I have no intentions of boycotting Israel, but I also recognize that as far as Middle East Peace goes, Israel is no angel. Neither is Palestine. However, from what I know about the issue it seems to me it's almost like a "big brother little brother" kind of situation. The big brother holds all of the power and has the ability to push the little brother just enough to make him do something stupid. I'm not saying Palestine is innocent, but Israel holds the power, the military, and the ability to make Palestinian life miserable.

Theres a website that gives Palestinians a voice. A voice that they never receive in the American media. It's the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Check it out.

A Heart-Healthy MP3 Player

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